Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour DVD

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A DVD/download is now available which demonstrates acupressure techniques for labour. Perfect for pregnant women and their partners, as well as health professionals working with pregnant women.

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The videos from the "Pain Relief in Labour DVD" are also available from the Apple iTunes and Google Play store.


This section contains information on using acupressure points to help women prepare for labour, to use as pain relief during labour, to assist with after pains and establish breast feeding postnatally.

These acupressure points can be used by women and their support people to encourage the body's optimal response to the stresses of labour, promoting an efficient labour and recovery.

Here you will find information in the form of:

  • A free downloadable illustrated acupressure booklet and links to youtube videos demonstrating point location
  • Information on using acupressure for problems such as induction and posterior positioned babies
  • Feedback from midwives, women and support people