Debra Betts - Acupuncture and Acupressure for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Hegu L.I.-4

Point Location

Youtube point location video

This point is found between the first and second metacarpal bones (the bones of the thumb and first finger). It lies at the highest point formed when the thumb is brought to rest against the index finger.

Acupressure Technique

The women or her support person can firm pressure with their thumb. This acupressure point has a dull achy feeling when located correctly.

Acupressure to this point can be used to providing general pain relief in labour. It can be very useful as women head towards transition. Midwives and women have reported on the effectiveness of using ice on this point (with the ice cubes placed in a small plastic bag or wrapped in a cloth and then placed over the point).

Hegu L.I.-4 has a function of stimulating efficient contractions. It can be useful during labour if contractions are of irregular intensity.

A useful acupressure point during the second stage of labour once the cervix has fully dilated. It aids the body's efforts to move the baby down through the birth canal and can be especially useful if women are tired and not pushing effectively. This acupressure point is to be used with caution during pregnancy

For assistance with point location you can watch this short video on the Youtube web site.

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