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Blood Deficiency

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The concept of blood in traditional Chinese medicine shares a close relationship with the western concept in that it has both a nourishing and moistening function. However, with the concept of blood deficiency there is also emphasis placed on your body’s qi. Blood is seen as a condensed form of qi with qi playing a vital role in helping the blood to circulate to where it is needed. Attention is also focused on the strength of your digestive system’s ability to successfully obtain the nutrients from your food necessary for the production of blood. Food to build blood includes;

Grains Barley, corn, oats, rice, sweet rice, wheat, bran
Vegetables Alfalfa sprout, artichoke, beetroot, button mushroom, cabbage, celery, dandelion leaf, dark leafy greens, kelp, shiitake mushroom, spinach, watercress, wheatgrass
Fruit Apple, apricot, avocado, date, fig, grape, longan, mulberry
Beans Aduki, black soya, kidney
Nuts and seeds Almonds, black sesame
Fish Mussel, octopus, oyster, sardine, tuna
Meat All red meat especially bone marrow and liver (beef, pork, sheep)
Dairy Chicken egg,
Herbs, spices Nettle, parsley
Oils, condiments Amasake, molasses
Beverages Soya milk
Common supplements Algae, dongui, pollen

Foods especially useful to tonify Liver Blood Deficiency.

Vegetables artichoke, beetroot, dandelion leaf, kelp
Fruit avocado, date, mulberry, grape
Nuts /seeds black sesame
Fish oyster
Meats beef, liver (both pork and sheep)
Herbs/ spices nettle
Oils/ condiments molasses

Examples of every day western foods that can be used to build Blood include

  • Rice porridges with Soya milk, apricots and almonds
  • Dark leafy green salads with avocado and grated beetroot<
  • Warm chicken salad with artichoke and grapes
  • Scrambled Eggs with parsley
  • Mussel Chowder with calamari
  • Snacks of dried apricots and almonds
  • Kidney bean and mushroom lasagne with a spinach salad
  • Any red meat dish. (Note that in traditional Chinese medicine meat is viewed as a strong tonifing food to be eaten in small amounts so that serving sizes are based around two to four ounces per serving, taken several times a week depending on individual energetic patterns).