Debra Betts - Acupuncture and Acupressure for Pregnancy and Childbirth

TCM Kongress 2015

13 May 2015 : Securing the embryo: crucial considerations for providing acupuncture treatments in early pregnancy and threatened miscarriage

15 May 2015 : Nurturing the Fetus: the 10 months of Pregnancy (Debra Betts and Sabine Williams )

Location: Rothenburg o.d.T Germany,

Date : 12 May 2015 – 16 May 2015    Further Information

A comprehensive guide to using acupuncture in pregnancy, labour and postpartum

Debra will be presenting a 2 day workshop for acupuncturists

Day 1 : Acupuncture in early pregnancy

Treating with confidence during conception and the first trimester. Examining safe practice from a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and western medical perspective

Day 2 : Acupuncture use during the second trimester, labour and postpartum

Information to assist acupuncturists to move away from point prescriptions to proactive treatment: encouraging optimal health during pregnancy and preparation for an efficient labour and postpartum recovery.

Whangarei, New Zealand

Date 14 Mar 2015 – 15 Mar 2015.  For further information email Richard Holland at:

Reading UK

Date 20 May 2015 – 21 May 2015.  Further infromation

Toronto, Canada

Date 30 May 2015 – 31May 2015.  Further infromation

Vancouver , Victoria BC, Canada

Date 6th Jun 2015 – 7th Jun 2015.  Further infromation