Debra Betts - Acupuncture and Acupressure for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Useful resourses and websites for women and their support people 


Optimal Foetal Positioning.

What you can do to assist your baby into an anterior position before labour begins


How a baby moves during labour

These video clips show how a baby moves through the pelvis during labour. These clearly demonstrate that the baby is active in labour, rather than being passively pushed out by the uterus contracting.

How a baby moves in Labour


Why hearing your baby is 'Big" does not mean your labour is going to be more difficult.


Sex life following a natural vaginal birth  

It is often assumed that the changes in your vaginal following having a baby will negatively impact on your future sex life but this is not actually the case.


The advantages of carrying a pregnancy to term


Women’s choices during the third stage of labour


Information about 'laid back breastfeeding'


 Post Natal Recovery

A link to information about postpartum recovery. Whatever your circumstances information about creating the best possible recovery for you and your babies future health. Includes a section on postnatal hormones, stress and weight loss, as well as recipes from cultures around the world.


Information and support resources for pregnant women seeking mental health and addiction help


Postpartum Depression

Life with a new baby can be challenging but there is support.